Thursday, July 16, 2009

See - I did forget something...

I forgot to update on how Dylan did with his meatoplasty surgery. I'm happy to report all is well in the pee pee department!! He did great with the surgery and recovery! He was supposed to take it easy the rest of that night, because he had a caudal block, so he was numb from the waist down. That wasn't about to stop this kid! He was crawling around the living room and slithering around to get to where he needed to be and FAST!! By that evening he was up and running around, even bouncing on things (ouch!) and it was like he never had anything done!

He was missed greatly by Ryley and Ayden. It was sooo sweet how once Ayden and Dylan were reunited, Ayden took on the role of nurturer to Dylan. It was so sweet to witness.

But he is peeing normally now and my bathroom is thankful for that! Took him a week or so to stop overcompensating, so that was a whole different kind of mess, but now he just let's things go naturally and it's a lot nicer in our bathroom!!! :P

In other news - STEPH GOT HER TEMPORARY LICENSE!!!!!!!!! Now she has 6 months of driving practice and class, then she can get her license!! Not sure if I'm ready for her to be behind the wheel, so I think Jon and her dad will be helping her with this at first. I was a nervous wreck driving with Tyler and I think I'll be even more so with

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Momma-of-5 said...

I've been WONDERING where you went! =) Glad to hear all is well.