Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Happenings

I can't believe it's been over 2 months since I last blogged or even visited here!! It's been a crazy busy couple of months, let me tell you!!

Where to start, I guess from where I left off. We did the March of Dimes Walk in May, with our last ever ride in our beloved Choo Choo Wagon...We met up with a fellow triplet mom that reads my blog and we walked together. I think she thinks she scared me away, because after that, I haven't blogged since! lol Not true Gina!!

Right after the MOD walk, was our NICU renunion and it's crazy it's been about 5 years since they were there!! A lot of kids turned out of it, then we released pink/blue balloons in memory of the angels from the NICU. Teeny tiny little babies to all these big kids!!

My laptop fried right after the MOD walk and I was so afraid we lost all photos from the past 6 months of our life, including Christmas! Luckily the techy's created something that can get stuff off our computer and life was saved around here! I got a new laptop for work and I've been so busy with that ever since! I am loving being back to work and being able to still be at home with the kids, have a somewhat flexible schedule and making some money! I officially ended my babysitting career at the beginning of June and while 95% of the kids I sat for were wonderful, there is always that 1....But I digress, I'm enjoying the freedom that comes with not being tied to the house. We can just get up and go if we want to, not that we do much, especially with me working in the mornings, but the option is there, if we want it!

Baseball started up and finished and then started up again. Tyler is wrapping up his summer ball and the triplets will be done with their season in a couple of days. While we love baseball, having it consume our life is hard at times, especially if there is something we want to take off and do. But since this is the last summer for Tyler playing summer ball, possibly, around here, that will free up the summer somewhat. The little ones will still play, but it will be a set schedule, it'll be during the week for a few years and Jon won't be coaching, so he won't feel obligated to skip out on a family vacation or get away, I'll be making sure of that!!! lol Been there, done that, got the T-shirt! This time around, we will be making time for family stuff, other than baseball. Granted we will still make efforts to not miss out on games, especially since we'll have 2 players on the same team, but you know!

Oh one very important thing happened since I last blogged! TYLER GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL!!! Gosh am I behind the times!! I'm so proud of him and can't wait to see what the next chapter of his life holds for him. Since he's been out of school, he's either playing baseball, traveling to baseball, working or out doing stuff with friends, we hardly see him. Which I guess is preparing us for life without him around all the time, which will be in a few short weeks. We head to Texas with him mid August and it's getting here so incredibly fast, I can't keep up!! We are having his graduation/going away party at the beginning of August and it just seems like a daunting task that I'm putting off. Feeding all those people, I've started buying and will try to make as much ahead of time, as possible. We were going to have it catered, but I'm too cheap for that, when I can make it myself for less!! lol So that's what we're doing!

Stephanie is going to the vocational school for cosmetology and she's excited about that! I hope the fresh start will be exactly what she needs to get motivated in life! did get kudos last night, in our healthy eating habits makeover. So far this summer, her hair has been about 3 different colors, so far normal colors! But I won't be surprised if it's purple or pink sometime! lol Whatever gets her through school and graduates, that's my mantra these days...

Let's see, what else? I feel like I'm missing something big, but I don't think so. Just working, hanging with the kids and waiting for a hot summer to arrive. So far it's been a very mild summer. We have the big pool up and have only used it for a week...So that's a let down. Last summer we didn't put it up, because we were gone so much with Tyler's travel ball and it was HOT! This summer we're home and it's mild...go figure...The kids are really getting it with swimming on their own, especially the boys, they are swimming under water and just little fish! I will still probably have them in swim lessons over the winter for something to do and make them stronger swimmers. I would love for them to be on the swim team, like Tyler and Stephanie did, it's great exercise and makes them so much safer in and around water! Roo loves the water too, but she's just not as in to going under yet or being tossed around the pool, like the boys are.

Oh our garden is rocking!! We've been getting a bunch of cherry tomatoes and Ryley is in heaven, she eats those things like grapes! We're waiting on the million regular tomatoes to turn and that will happen at the same time, I feel. But I plan to attempt salsa, so I can't wait!! We have been getting a ton of hot peppers and we have onions galore! It's a great little garden and so far a huge success. Maybe next year, it'll be bigger!

School starts in about a month and I think we're ready for it. Since it's been such a mild and somewhat rainy summer, it feels like fall most of the time anyways! The kids are a bit bored and miss school.

It's still hard to believe that in 1 month, we'll be driving the oldest off to school and getting him settled half way across the country...It's amazing how fast the time has gone, these past 18 years!! But I know he'll be successful in whatever he does!

I can't believe that Stephanie is going to be a junior in high school..that time just disappeared! She's growing up waaaay faster than I'd like, but that's the nature of the beast, I guess! She can do whatever she sets her mind to, she just had to believe that for herself!

The triplets will be 5 in a few short months. That is hard for me to grasp. Their time is going faster than I can keep track of. We are so busy all the time, THEY are so busy all of the time, the days just blur together! They are so bright and funny and I just love this age, it's so innocent and literal, I wish they would stay this age forever...

Well, I think that catches you up, not as much as I thought I'd have to say, but I know I'm forgetting stuff...as usual...Enjoy the pictures!!

Oh ya! We had a dog - for a week!! We named her Bella. She found us, through my MIL's house. She was lost, her owners contacted us and decided we could keep her!! We were excited, she was perfect for us - except she didn't like kids!! We found that out as the week went on, so we found her a perfect new home and one without children, it was sad, but for the best. But it showed us that a small dog would be fun for us and the kids. So in September, we should be getting a new puppy! We're excited and it should be an adventure!!

Sorry for the novel! Enjoy the miscellaneous pictures from the summer so far!

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