Monday, July 20, 2009

I just bought a vacuum

My son's first vacuum, that is! How excited is he going to be when it arrives! Tyler going away to college is starting to become more real every single day that we get closer to school starting. We have less than a month. I finally have the list of things he can and cannot take with him to school, for his dorm.

I can't believe this is happening. I'm so excited for him, but yet I'm dreading the day at the same time. I know he'll be okay on his own. But he'll be so far, it's 19 hours straight through from here to there. Will we see him at Christmas? We don't know yet. He might have to stay there, alone, at Christmas, because of baseball. I might just drive there and spend it with I just might.

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The O'Brien Bunch said...

ROAD TRIP. Everyone in Christmas Pj,s, hats, slippers, jingle balls, mistle-toe. You all could so Chevy Chase Christmas-it. I love it. A Christmas Road-trip. It could be a blockbuster hit. :0)
(Hope he gets to come home, though!)