Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Our Easter in review. We had our Canton Mothers of Multiples Children's Easter Party a couple of weeks ago. It was a huge success. Tyler was our bunny this year and he did a great job. Unfortunately my kids figured out it was Ty-Ty. Dylan figured it out, because he saw the bunny go where ty-ty came out of. Ayden figured it out because he saw his shoes under the costume...sigh...

The day before Easter, for some reason, Dylan decided that he would investigate what was in my room. I had their baskets all done and finished earlier in the week.

Never once did they bother to check things out in there, so why now? Because that is the nature of The Dylan lately. He is in to everything and anything! He's slowly wearing me down...So I'm carpet cleaning and one of them comes to me wanting to know what the Hungry-Hungry Hippos game is for...What the...I high tail it upstairs to see Ayden's basket completely emptied and Ryley's partially emptied. Why did the little stinker leave his completely intact??? So I put everyone on their beds for a time out and think about how this is going to play out. Have they figured out the Easter Bunny and the story we tell them? I can't really tell. I clean things up and tell them the blah blah about not getting in to things that don't belong to them, surprises and the whole respecting people's spaces, etc. I also talked to them about the Easter Bunny costume. Said Mom and Dad give them stuff. But the way things have been lately, they weren't listening to me, such is my life lately, completely deaf to my voice...

So now I'm just not in to Easter. I'm kind of already not in to it this year anyways. Steph isn't around. Tyler could care less. The little ones found their baskets and I'm just in one of those blah moods. But the kicker is, I don't think they realize today, that there is no Easter Bunny. I think I evaded enough that they figure the Bunny Man dropped stuff of the day before. Ryley was disappointed that she didn't get an umbrella from the Easter Bunny. So for now, I'm going to follow their lead...

We took the littles to church this morning. We were going to put them in the playroom, we got there early. So we wandered, let them see the inside of the main church area, bathrooms, etc. We decided to let them stay in church with us, since it's Easter. We sit in the very last row so we can make a quick exit if need be.

They make it through the first couple of songs and they have to go potty. What is it with these children lately and their bladders??? So I ask if they want to go to the playroom, they say yes, we all go. Hit the potty and then try to check them in to the playroom. No luck. No one there that knows how to check a kid in after services start. Nice. So we've wasted time and so we hurry back to our seats and hope for the best with them. They do not want to come back with us. But what can ya do? I'm ready to go home. I'm pissy. I'm irritated and I just don't want to deal with 3 kids that I'm unprepared to entertain during a church service. But we stay. We snag some paper for them to color on. They are being 4. We're trying to keep them from bumping the people in front of us, why they chose to sit in front of three 4-year-olds is beyond me. There were plenty of other places to sit...So now I've got the added stress of keeping my kids from disturbing them. Nice.

The kids are unhappy and bored out of their minds. I can't even concentrate on the sermon. I just want to go home and go back to bed and let this day just disappear. It's not fair to the little ones. I need to snap out of it. I can't let the older kids ruin the day for the little ones. It's the natural progression of life, I know this, but I'm just not handling it too well. I'm not ready for my oldest to move so far away and not see him on a regular basis. I know I have a few months left with him at home, but it's going so fast and I can't keep up. We hardly see him now, he's so busy or he's sleeping.

So we get through church with a few tears from them and me. Head home to get lunch. Family coming over for ham and the usual fixings. Food is good for the soul and the mood. Everyone seems to be feeling better. We color the Easter eggs after lunch and they had fun with that, probably something we'll continue to do on Easter. Then the egg hunt. We let them use their "easter baskets" to gather their eggs, that was a sight. If we can figure out the video, I'll download it. It's cold here, but the sun was shining and it wasn't to muddy out.

So the day was pretty good. The kids had fun, I think. Ate more candy then necessary, but they can today. Ryley's complaining of a bit of a tummy ache, but she's gearing up to go play outside, so it must not be too bad.

I hope you had a nice Easter. Next year my head will be out of my ass and it will be more fun for all around here. I promise as long as my children promise to reattach their listening ears!!

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Kate said...

Fellow triplet mom-Where did you get your Easter rolly carts? They are so cute!