Friday, April 03, 2009

Can I Go Out In Public Again?

Today is a new day. The other day is past, it's over, it's done. Or is it?

Spontaneous Sally here decided to take the kids to a local church's indoor playground. The one we tried the other day. It's rainy and windy and cold, so why not. We get there at the right time, not too crowded, but not deserted either. We hit the bathroom first, everyone goes. They dash in and start playing. I settle in with a book I've been trying to read, it's overdue, but I'm gonna finish it before returning, even if I own the book by the time I'm done. The kids all scatter and off playing, making new friends, etc.

Out of nowhere Ayden comes running to me with that panicked look I know so well, he's holding his butt and running towards the doors. It's times like these that having 3 out alone in places like this, is just hard. I don't have time to round everyone up to get him to the toilet in time. I can't just let him go to the bathroom alone and stay with the others, what to do. Dylan is with us and so we run out the door to the toilet, which is right across the hall and the enclosed room is glass, so I can see everything, since Roo is still in there playing somewhere.

Too late, Ayden pooped his pants. OMG are you kidding me?? He pooped before we even got out of the play area. Nice. Why do they have to wait til the last second?? So Dylan is running free in the hallway somewhere, Ryley is in the playground area oblivious that we aren't even in the same room she is and Ayden is sitting on the toilet while I toss his underwear and get a quick visual of the other 2. Welcome to my life...So I get him cleaned up. He is soooo not thrilled to have to go commando to play. I said it's either this or we go home. Do I have to start carrying a diaper bag and port-a-potty again?!?! Really.

We head back in and off they go. I sit back down and try to read some more. There is no absorbing anything that I'm reading, not sure why I even bothered. How do these mom's you see sitting while the kids play, read?? There was so much noise from the kids playing and the mom's talking to hear each other over the kids and other mom's.

Then there is my little Pied Piper, Dylan. He is such the ladies man already. He had a couple of girls following him everywhere in there. He thought he was the shit, you could tell. Those girls would have followed him off a cliff...He is his brother's brother.

I also found it fascinating with the whole twin thing. All 3 were playing in different areas at one point. Then Dylan came out of one area and Ayden came out of another, only to meet each other. The huge smile and pure happiness to see each other is just amazing to witness. It was like they hadn't seen each other in ages. They ran off together holding hands for a second. It was so sweet. I love this bond they have with each other. I hope it lasts their lifetimes. Ayden and Ryley were buddies today, probably because Dylan was too busy with the ladies, I'm sure he got a number or two in his pocket.

So it was a great time, besides losing another pair of underwear to poop. It was so clean there and spacious. Definitely a place we'll visit often.


Nothing shocks me anymore... said...

FYI- the door in the back left of the room leads to TWO bathrooms and TWO sinks. So you never have to leave the room. Glad you got to play!

Triplethefunplus2 said...

ya, roo found those for me after the poop

loren said...

I've actually had a similar thing happen, except the bathroom was about 200 feet away down a hallway and in a store at the mall. When one of the girls came running up to me after we had stripped them of shoes and coats, I had two women with kids there watch the other two. Desperate times? Desperate measures!