Friday, December 05, 2008

Starbucks ~ Pay It Forward

I had the nicest thing happen today! I was in the drive thru at Starbucks and when I got to the window, the guy told me that the car in front of me paid $5 towards my order! HOW NICE IS THAT????? I had thought about doing that for someone when sitting in line, but never did it. I then saw on the news a couple weeks ago, about people doing just this.

It was such a nice thing of her to do, I wish I could thank her. It made my whole day brighter! I in turn paid it forward and put $3 towards the lady behind me. The guy was like "here we go, we're on a roll!" I wonder how far it will go?

I just wanted to share this great thing that happened to me today!


Stephanie said...

It is soooo funny that you wrote about this! My MIL was in the gracery store a few weeks ago and the guy in front of her put $20 on her bill. Then we went to Michigan for Thanksgiving and while we were on our way up we got a call from DH's uncle who had gone to the store to make sure we had milk for the babies and eggs and bread for breakfast the next morning and he said that the lady in front of him bought something and her total was a little over $3.00 and she handed the cashier a $10.00 and told her to put the change toward his order. This is crazy!! There have been reports too of people leaving money on the gas pumps for the net person!! I LOVE IT! It is great that people are doing this!

Five Left Feet said...

What a great idea, and with things the way they are now (financially), there couldn't be a better time. I'm gonna do this the next time I'm out.