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Petrucelli Triplets Information

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From an email that is now going out re: the Petrucelli

Thank you to everyone for your overwhelming response,
concern, and shows of support for the Petrucellis in this
time of great need. We have been astounded by the incredible
response that we have received from the community in such a
short period of time and genuinely appreciate all the offers
of help, donations, financial support, and your prayers.

We know that it has been confusing that things have changed
several times regarding logistics of donations -
unfortunately, we had no way of anticipating how quickly and
dramatically the community would respond. We never imagined
such a widespread response in such a short period of time.
We literally received offers of donations from all over the
country in a matter of hours.

Right now, the most important thing for the Petrucelli's is
that they be able to focus on the recovery of their boys, who
are still in the hospital. Obviously, our thoughts and
prayers are all with them in this time of great need.

We now have established a system which we believe will remain
a permanent system for both financial donations and for offers
of physical goods. Please refer to this email for all future
donations and see the FAQ's below for any questions.

For financial donations to the Petrucelli Family, the
Petrucelli Relief Fund has been established, and donations
may be made online via the following website:

All offers of donations of goods should be emailed to Doug
Davenport and it's and he will keep a running
inventory of what has been offered. When the family is ready,
they will be able to determine what they most need and can use
from this inventory.


What if I have already donated money through the Petrucelli
Family Fund established by the Montgomery County Parents of
No problem. Your donation is very much appreciated and will
still be given directly to the family to assist with their
needs. The Petrucelli Family Fund will still be used for
funds for the Petrucelli family. However, the primary source
of relief funding from this point forward should be the
Petrucelli Relief Fund, which can be accessed via

What if I have already dropped off goods at Christie Leu's
house? Similarly, what if I have already mailed donations to
Karen Cohen's house?
This is not a problem. Your donations are definitely
appreciated and will be accounted for. We will track these
donations and ensure that Doug Davidson has a list of these
items for his inventory. We will continue to store these
items until we determine whether the Petrucelli's need these
items. If your items are not needed at that time, your items
will either be returned to you if you wish, or, if you prefer,
donated to another worthy organization.

How do I know what the Petrucelli's need? How will I know
what to offer Doug Davenport?
For now, assume that the Petrucelli's will need most of their
basic household items replaced in the long term, especially
things for the children. Once the family has had some time
to regroup and the boys have had some time to recover, the
family will be able to determine what their specific needs
are and perhaps post a "wish list" of specific
items they are looking for.

What size clothes do the boys wear?
Two of the boys wear size 4T clothes, and one boy wears 3T
clothes. They are quite tall for their age.

What if I already mailed a gift card to Michelle Wizov or
Karen Cohen?
This is not a problem. Michelle and Karen are tracking all
of the gift cards and will make sure that they are delivered
to Ami Susan and Michael as soon as possible. Your generous
gifts are definitely appreciated.

I would still like to send a gift card. Who should I send it
You can send gift cards to either Michelle Wizov or Karen
Cohen. Our contact information is below:

Michelle Wizov
701 Dryden Street
Silver Spring, MD 20901

Karen Cohen
8819 2nd Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Please clearly mark your envelope "Petrucelli
Relief" to ensure that it is properly accounted for, and
please also ensure that your name and address are included
with the gift card, so that the Petrucellis have the
opportunity to thank you when they are able.

Where can I go for updates on how the family is doing?
The family has started a webpage through Care Pages with
Childrens Hospital. The link to the webpage is: You
will need to register to view the page, but there is no fee
for registration.

What if I have more questions about how I can help? Who can
I contact?
If you have additional questions about any of the details in
this email, or about how you can help, you can contact
Michelle Wizov ( or Karen Cohen
( We will do our best to respond
with as much information as we have available at the time.

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