Sunday, December 07, 2008

We saw Santa

Today was the big day. The CMOMC Children's Christmas Party. I was the crazy one to say I'd take charge of it. OMG was it stressful and expensive! We had about 65-70 children inside of 24 families!!! It was an incredible turnout and one that we weren't quite expecting, but when you wish for a more social club, you get what you ask for!! Which is awesome and I'm so glad that everyone got involved and I really hope that everyone had a great time. Another triplet mom and I took care of making the food and baking the cookies. We thought it would be pretty easy to do it in the kitchen of the church. Would have been easier if the kitchen had been properly stocked to cook for a lot of people. Two small cookie sheets to make a buttload of chicken strips and sugar cookies, so that took a lot longer than necessary. We make penne pasta and sauce, we made waaaaaaaay too much of that. But we both agreed that more than enough food is always much better than turning away hungry people. We ended up donating 2 full pans of pasta to the domestic women's shelter, so it didn't go to waste!

We had Santa and all the kids were so excited to see him. He did an awesome job and hopefully he'll come to next year's party. Which we're already planning! Can't wait for next year, more low key and much cheaper!! lol But it was all good and as long as everyone had a nice time, it was money well spent!

My kids haven't loved being near Santa the last 2 times they'd seen him. We went to see the hospital tree festival and Dylan hid behind us, Ryley clung to Daddy and cried and Ayden just stood there with his arms crossed, staring at Santa and Mrs. Claus, but didn't go near them. Last night, we went to a Polar Express party with Grammy and when Santa arrived, Dylan sat in my lap and turned away, like if he doesn't see Santa, he's not there! lol Ryley clung to Grammy and when it came time to sit with Santa, Ayden let me put him on his lap, Dylan jumped on the back of my friend who took a picture for us and Ryley wouldn't let Grammy go. lol Today, at the multiples party, Ayden hugged Santa as soon as he saw him. Ryley waited patiently for Santa to call her name and Ayden just couldn't wait to sit with him again. They all went running up when it was their turn to sit with Santa. I was quite surprised and yet happy that they were "brave" enough to sit with him. He is so built up in their minds this year, that it's overwhelming for them to see him in real life!

But a wonderful time was had by all, I hope. We had fun. I'm exhausted. I'm glad it's over. I can't wait for next year. We're planning a Polar Express party and already starting the planning and I can't wait. We have a year to plan vs. a few weeks. So it should be even better than this year.


Five Left Feet said...

It was a PHENOMENAL party!!! You guys did awesome, so the stress and expense was worth it, right? ;-) BTW, did you catch Alec yelling at Santa? Good times, man. Good times.

Five Left Feet said...

LOVIN' the new banner!

I tagged you for a meme on my blog.

Jessica said...

Hi there. My name is Jessica, mom of 3 yr old bbg triplets. I met your husband at Cooper. We are from NY. We spoke a few times on IVFC. I found you somehow, maybe through triplet connections, not sure. Anyhow your kiddos are beautiful. Love your header also. Have a great Holiday

loren said...

Ooh, a Polar Express party would be fun. That's the girls' favorite movie right now.

BTW, LOVE the new header!!!