Friday, August 22, 2008

Flying Solo

For the week at least. Jon's in North Carolina. He's hoping to be home for the triplets first day of school on Tuesday. Here's hoping.

I got a bee up my ass about how nothing in our house matches. So I went shopping online. Never a good thing comes from this. I hit up I bought 5 end tables, a desk and an armoire. Our room is less than desirable. It's the catchall for all the crap that doesn't have a home. We moved our laundry room to the kids bathroom, which is just off our room. We have a table in our room to fold - throw - the laundry on, instead of our bed or the floor. Nothing matches in there. It's not pretty. So I'm on a mission to change that. I have become addicted to HGTV and saw them make a headboard out of old doors. I have fallen in love with that idea and we've been looking for particular old doors since. I found one, but can't get it without a mate, so I had to pass on it. Anyone have any old raised panel doors they want to part with??

Anyways, while dh is away, wifey will play and attempt to put together 5 end tables, a desk and an armoire from Walmart. I said I wanted matching, I didn't say I was going for high end, top of the line. I live with 3 almost 4-year-olds, 2 teenagers and a husband. I'm willing to settle for matching right now.

Jon doesn't let me hang photos. He'll probably fly home right away if he found out I was attempting 'some assembly required.' Wish me luck!

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loren said...

Good luck!!! I love assembling furniture. I'm totally with you on the inexpensive but nice-looking furniture. I bought a coffee table that was $180 ON SALE from Pier One - guess what? Totally ruined. There are scissor marks along one of the edges and the paint is chipping off.

Hmmm... chipping paint. I wonder if my kids are eating it.