Friday, August 22, 2008

Rough First Day

Today was the older kids first day of school. Every year since they've started school, I have taken the first day of school photo. As the years have passed, they've been less than cooperative for this annual event. This year was no different. Steph was catching a ride with a friend to school, she's a sophmore this year, too cool for the bus. Tyler wasn't ready yet, since his buddy was driving him to school and so he wasn't upstairs when Steph left. I carried around my camera, making it clear that a photo was going to be taken. Not one photo was taken. She high-tailed it out of the house. He left in a whirlwind of seniorness. I cried. I'm a big baby. I didn't get their photo taken. My baby is a senior and you'd think the way I was, that he had just trotted off to college! Geesh. What am I gonna be like when he REALLY does leave for college or the military or whatever it is he's going to do? Oh I can't think about it. I am having such a hard time with my first born preparing to leave the nest. Getting misty just thinking about it again.

Anyways, Steph just calls, she forgot to take her school forms to school. She can't pick up her schedule to go to classes. She will have to spend her first day of school in the in-school suspension room. Nice. So after talking with someone, explaining that I have too many kids (mine & babysitting kids) to leave and bring the forms, that are filled out on the fridge, she asked me if I wanted a principal to call me back. Um, ya. Not much will change, she'll spend the day in a room with the other forgetful children. But anyways. So that's the first day of school. Fantabulous! No pictures and my first call from school. It's gonna be a great year!


The Lucey's Triplets said...

What a rough start to today! Hang in there, I have never been through the going to school thing, but I am sure it will get easier every day! I am thinking about you today and hope the weekend is better!

list mama said...

I can't imagine my children as seniors and sophomores! We just went to Kindergarten open house and I have another one starting 2nd grade. School doesn't start until next week. Maybe tomorrow they'll take pity on you and let you take a picture ;-)