Monday, August 25, 2008

Twas the night before preschool

and all through the house - it's freaking 9 o'clock and they're still going strong!! They are so excited about starting school tomorrow. I'm happy for them, but kinda sad at the same time. I'm kind of indifferent right now - maybe it's a defense mechanism from the tears. These are my last babies. They are growing so fast. Too fast. They are incredible little people and I love watching them absorb something new. But can we just slow down a bit? I can't keep up with my kids. One running for the door as soon as he can. One not far behind him and would probably leave now if she could. Three more that the years will fly by with...It needs to stop. It needs to just slow down. But I know it won't. I'm trying to enjoy every day with them, some of those days are so long and I can't wait for them to end. But I do enjoy my days with them. All of them.

Weekend was kinda blah. I got the 5 end tables built and they look great for $40 or less each! So far I'm happy with my walmart specials. The desk was a bitch. Why did I try to do that myself, I have no idea. I got a piece confused several times and in the end it was STILL messed up. Oh well, a black sharpie will fix that mistake. The keyboard drawer slide thingys are upside down, so hopefully I can take those off and switch them without much of a problem. Ya right! This desk has become a pain in my ass! I had Tyler help me carry it to the office and there it will sit until someone else can work on it! grrrr... I haven't attempted the armoire since my hands are sore and blistered from the madness. But at least the end tables are done!

I decided I needed to get out of this house for awhile. It's the little ones last day before school starts for them. So we went to the zoo. Just me and the three. This is the first time I've done this on my own without anyone with me, either to help or just to go along with their kids. It was busy. It was a great day. We only got through half the zoo, since I decided at 9:30 this morning and hadn't even showered. Plus Ryley had her ENT follow up just after lunch. The kids did great and were good as gold. No pee accidents - which was FABULOUS!!! We traveled so light and it made me feel like a "normal" mom. No strollers, wagons, diaper bags or anything else, just us. It was glorious!

We stopped off to visit a great friend and her brood for awhile. It was just a kinda spontaneous day. Not one that I have often and forget what that's like...Hopefully one of many to come now that the kids are older.

It was a great day.


RilDakMad's Mommy said...

How did the trips do today? I bet it was quiet.

loren said...

That sounds like fun! (the zoo, not the blistered hands!)

I wish we could have done something fun, but the teacher "sprung" treat day on our family for tomorrow, so we had to run in town to shop.

The Lucey's Triplets said...

I hope the first day of preschool went good today! It sounds like you had a fun day yesterday, I love those unplanned days!

Momma X4 said...

The great friend and her brood loved your stop and wish we could see you more often!! I know this will be hard w/school - but we still gotta keep up the get-togethers!