Monday, August 21, 2006

Long Time No Blog

Sorry to be MIA for so long. I started this blog thinking it would be fun to blog, but then it seemed overwelming to keep up, so I went back to my babiesonline website and have been keeping updates there...Now I'm back here thinking it would be fun again...Can you tell I'm always changing my mind?? lol

Anyways, I think it's been a few months since I've updated, so here we go:
Tyler has gotten his temps and drives us around every chance we let him. He's doing great with some areas he needs work in, but that's normal for a new driver. He is starting his sophmore year at Louisville next week and I still can't believe he's almost done with school years, after this college, where, we have no idea yet...He decided to skip playing football and concentrate on his main sport of baseball, so he will be playing fall ball and then joining the swim team to stay in shape for baseball in the spring. He swam for about 5 years during his late elementary and middle school years, but we just couldn't get him to go out last year, he said he was intimidated by the girls, since the guy to girl ratio on the swim team is highly in favor of girls...not that he wanted to meet a girl, just that he was waaaaaay outnumbered by who knows! This year he's willing and ready to go out, especially since he finally realizes how good swimming his for his pitching arm!

Stephanie is going in to 8th grade and I still can't believe how fast she's growing. She has really matured over this summer, as far as getting along better with us, doing better with "remembering" chores and whatnot. She's even doing awesome with the triplets, which as some may know, was not something high on her list when they were smaller...She says they're more fun now and most days I have to agree with her! She doesn't seem to have the same maternal gene that I had at her age, when I was 13 I wanted to babysit and couldn't wait to be a mommy and knew that's what I was going to be in this world...But that's okay, I can't force her to be that way, she will grow in to it, I'm sure, she has PLENTY of time to be a mommy, after college and after getting married!

Ayden - Where to begin with Can we just sum him up as HANDFUL!!!!! He is the sweetest mama's boy there is and at the same time he is the most difficult to maintain, as far as his temper tantrums and stronger personality...He is so helpful also, he lives to please and wants to help as much as he can, I've had him take out the trash and sweep the kitchen floor and all he wants in return is a high 5! I pray it stays this way forever! He'd be the perfect child!! lol He also has the most sense of humor of the bunch and always giggling and smiling (when not screaming mad!) Ayden also seems the most sensitive of the bunch, when it comes to crying so hard when he thinks someone is getting hurt or fighting, even if they're playing. When Ty and Steph argue with each other, he just bursts in to tears and just gives them the look and cries some's kind of sweet, but we're looking forward to this phase

Ryley - Sweet, curious Ryley...She is just so curious about her whole world and I love it, I hope she continues that way forever! She is so in to books and just watching and learning. We have recently taken them to the zoo and she was the most in to just looking and watching and learning the animals. She still enjoys playing on her own more than the boys and will go off and enter her world and jabber and play with her stuff, it's sweet to watch. She'll play with the boys also, but she's the one most likely to play alone. She has been sensitive to her brothers looking at her cross-eyed lately and will cry and come running like she's been wronged in this world, especially if they take a toy or sometimes look like they want her toy! She's still a Daddy's girl and some days a Mama's girl. She has been getting more and more shy around people she doesn't see regularly and gets especially anxious and upset when a stranger tries to talk to her or looks at her...I know she will outgrow this phase, but when, I don't

Then there's little Dylan - What a little pistol he is at times. He has a temper on him and he will lash out if you get in his way, take something he wants or just plain pisses him off...He especially goes after Ayden, those 2 have been at it more times than I can count lately. Dylan will hit, bite and scream at you if you wrong him...We're really trying to keep this waaaaay under control and constantly teaching him other ways to handle things. He gets the most frustrated since he's not talking as much as the others and this is how he deals with it...But he is also very cuddly and loves to just sit and cuddle with you. He's my little sweetheart and my baby. He still lives for ball, as does Ayden, they are discovering football now that more games are on TV. They still prefer SportsCenter over Noggin and I have NO problem with that! lol He still loves his Ty-Ty and that special connection they've had since the beginning is just so unique and sweet...

About a month or so ago Dylan finally said Ma-Ma and I just burst in to tears, it was the sweetest sound that I had been waiting months to hear from him. He was my last holdout on saying mama and I was starting to wonder if he'd ever say it. Now he says it all the time and I love it! Both he and Ayden both call for me often during the day, I guess just to see if I'm close by, it's so sweet to hear. Ayden will say Nana too and check on her when she's here, it's cute! Ryley has started saying Mommy and Daddy and that is so sweet to hear in her little voice, sometimes she will say My Daddy or My Mommy, it's adorable! I need to get it on tape before we lose the preciousness of it...

I don't think much else has been going on. We've been working a lot around here on the house, getting projects done that were started and just doing some updating. We're considering selling and either building or buying, but we haven't really made any decisions yet, we have the winter to think and discuss, but at least the house will be done so we can enjoy it while we're here, however long that will be...

Wow, long update, eh? lol

Don't forget to check out my photobucket link for some new pictures. I'll try to relearn how to post some here in the meantime...Talk to you soon!


RilDakMad's Mommy said...

Nice reading an update on your kiddos. I just updated today also & just like you I think about it all the time but I just feel that I dont have time to do it daily. Take Care...

Lesa said...

Just read your update. How are you dealing with your ds driving? I'm a nervous wreck just thinking about my 15-year-old (who just got her permit) behind the wheel.

Your kids sound a lot like mine. Tempers, busy, curious and all. It's the toughest job we'll ever love!