Thursday, April 06, 2006


Well had to step out of my element last night and go to an awards dinner with Jon, dh, for his work. It was nice, I felt out of place, I think because I've lived in my own world for what - 2 years getting back out into the real world is taking some adjusting..sometimes I get unnerved around big groups of people. I was very proud of Jon for getting his award, he was in a category all his own! lol He got a trade secret award. He has some patents that have been approved, so he'll get that award next year, so looks like a trend has begun of a yearly thing...But it's all good, he's in his element and that's great to see!

The triplets have eaten better the last couple of days, so that's awesome, some of you will know how much I've been stressing over this and worried, but I need to let some of that go and realize they will eat when hungry, they are toddlers and they won't whither away....easier said than done! I'm a way over-thinker on most things and a control freak!! lol

Well, that's it for today. I'm still new to this, so not sure I'll be posting daily, especially since I don't have much to say daily. I think I may make it a weekly thing or something. I'll try to post pictures often though.

Here's a recent picture of Ayden, that Stephanie took, it's my new favorite of him!

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Lesa said...

Just stopping by again. What an adorable picture! All of your kids are just gorgeous.