Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Introducing~The Children


Not much new going on today. The triplets are still not eating the best, but the past couple of days they've eaten better. We're trying to make an effort to get back to eating at the dinner table as a family, in hopes of showing the babies that other people eat too...will it work? I sure hope so. As a mom, it's driving me insane not to have my children eating. My job is to keep them well-fed and survive the out of two just isn't cutting it for me...I know toddlers eat less than birds at times, but this has been an on-going thing for a few months now. Sure they're gaining weight, but I'm sure not at the rate I think they should! lol

Ayden, 16 months, triplet #1, decided to try a new way to break his molars in last night - take a header off the bay window! I don't think it worked, but he sure gave it a great effort, lots of blood and tears, a little sweat from us, but no molars...maybe next time...NOT! He is really improving in his speech and saying more words, he has a nice little collection going. He has an adorable babbly conversation he likes to have with himself or anyone who will listen, too cute!

Tyler, 15, freshman, had a great baseball game on Monday, he got his team their first win. This was his first full game pitching and let me just say, it was awesome! He had 14 strikeouts and only gave off 1 hit! I think he gained his confidence back and proved himself to his coaches!! He was proud of himself! They won again last night, he went in the last 2 innings at first and made a few good plays, from what I hear. The triplets just weren't in to having 2 nights in a row of baseball, so we left early....We are supposed to watch a video from College Prospects of America and then once we pay them a butt load of money, they'll send out information/video? on Tyler and then the college coaches can start calling him/us and talking to him, as a that's exciting!!

Ryley, 16 months, triplet #2, is really talking up a storm now, she's such a parrot and is trying really hard to convey what she wants, but lately it's been frustration and tears....she'll get it...I call her my angel on earth, she is just the sweetest thing and so caring. You haven't experienced life until you've had a "Ryley Hug!"

Dylan, 16 months, triplet #3, is coming along nicely with his speech, he's picking up the pace on his words. He is saying a bit more understandable words than Ayden, but for the most part, they're on track with each other...not that I'm comparing..but it's that competitive streak they have, I think. He's hitting the ball off the tee like a pro! Wait until tee ball starts! lol

Steph, 13, 7th grader, is planning another fashion show for extra credit, I believe. Her last one was a big hit! I hope to make this one, I missed the last one...We have one month until school's out for summer, hard to believe!! She is an aspiring model and fashion designer, so this is right up her alley!

Well, I think that's it for info on my children, we're busy, but loving it! Everyone is healthy and for the most part happy! lol

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