Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How's Your Meatus?

I don't know how mine is, but I can tell you how Dylan's is - it's webby. The urologist likened it to having your thumb over the garden hose and making the "spray" go other directions than naturally. I pretty much knew what he was going to say - he has meatal stenosis. Meaning I have the joy of cleaning up his pee from all over my bathroom! He pees straight out and to the right, it's sheer joy to clean my bathroom 10 times a day!! It's gotta be fixed, so we can add that to the list of things to do. That will happen some time in May, outpatient, but he is going under for it...Joy. He could have it done in the office under numbing cream, but at this age, wiggle and the lower success rate of it not growing back; we opted for the other option of going under and having a couple stitches put there and the much higher success rate of it not being a problem again. Plus with his age, I worry that too much activity with his package will leave a memory that will last. He was already a bit apprehensive having the urologist looking down there and touching him. But he's a trooper, he was spelling words for the doctor as soon as he walked in and being his charming self! lol

Dylan and I got there early, hoping to get the paperwork filled out and possibly seen a bit earlier. I don't remember this waiting room being so microscopic, have they moved? It's standing room only in there and smelly. I was quite surprised at how small the place was. I remembered the examining room area, but not the waiting room, guess it must of been the new-baby-fog I was under back then. We ended up waiting about an hour before we were seen. Nice. Luckily Dylan can make friends with anyone that will pay attention to him, so he was a happy camper! lol

I did find it interesting, since I had time to sit and listen/observe the people in the room. There was this one lady that was too good for the rest of us and she made sure we knew it. She sat down in an open seat, I chose to stand near where Dylan was instead of squeezing in between people I didn't know. Some people cleared out. I was able to sit near Dylan and fill out the paperwork. She sat in the middle of one row of seats. The room started to fill up again. She didn't move, there was a seat on either side of her empty. A mom and son walked in and she shuffled herself in her seat, as if to say, don't even think of sitting next to me. Nice. Mom sat next to me and I offered to move, so her son could sit next to him, he was about 10, but she said he was fine to sit in the other spot. I just thought it was quite rude of the snob to be that way. But it's also fascinating to me at the same time how people operate.

In other news, Tyler just walked in with his graduation announcements - It's really happening! My baby is really almost done with high school and will be moving across the country for school. I won't say which one yet, until he has signed, but it's hard to believe. He has his cap and gown as well, but I told him he's not allowed to put that on in front of me because I'll cry. I can already feel it...May 24th is the day. It's getting here so fast...


Momma-of-5 said...

You are SOOOOOOOO not old enough to have a High School Grad as a child! What'd, you have him when you were 10????

I seem to remember that you are pretty far away from me, so I'm interested to here where Tyler's headed. My guess is it's not near me...since it's not warm enough for a baseball college. But if it is...I promise I'll make sure he's okay!

Have a great night...

(Yes...I'm avoiding commenting on Dylan's pee pee problem...cuz it hurts to think about it! Okay...I'll comment...Shane had a similar surgery when he was little. His "hole" wasn't big enough...tmi? He survived...and doesn't have ANY memory...and was about 5! Okay...I gotta have a glass a wine!)

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