Saturday, February 28, 2009

We're Saving Money

I'm trying my best to save as much as possible. Especially since we are taking a 20% loss of income for at least this year. So I'm doing my part to make Jon's income go as far as possible.

This morning we've started to save about $50 a month on our phone, internet and cable bill. We went with AT&T and have it all in one set up. We have DirectTV now and so far, an hour in, we're MUCH happier than we were with Time Warner Cable! We got so sick of the freezing up, and other crap that we were paying too much to deal with! So now that's a thing of the past!

So here is another fan of the DirectTV! And for saving so much a month on these luxuries! AND I get the baseball channel and a bunch of other fun channels that we didn't get with cable.

Anyone have any other money saving ideas? I've tried to use coupons, but I just can't get that. I guess I just buy too much of the store brand or generic and that is cheaper than the namebrand. Some stuff I use doesn't have a coupon and so I just look for the best price I can.

Oh and we're also going to attempt a garden again. So any tips for that would be much appreciated also.


loren said...

We're doing a garden also. I've enlisted my mom's help since she grew up on a farm (and we used to have a HUGE garden when I was a kid).

She said the trick is to work the ground up with a rototiller really well, mix in some good fertilizer and rich black soil, and then plant your rows far enough apart that you can periodically bring the tiller back in and loosen things up.

Lori said...

Do I remember right that you shop at Giant Eagle? We take major advantage of their gas rewards program. When they have double gas points on gift cards we buy them for places we normally go, like McDonalds.

When we know we are going to shop at some place that Giant Eagle carries gift cards we buy them first. We bought cards for patio furniture from Sears and Christmas gifts from TRU last year. Plus, we always use an AMEX card with rewards. I end up with gas points and AMEX points.

Between the food we normally buy and the gift cards we get a lot of free gas.

ohno4kids said...

We took the long distance off our phone which knocked $20 off our bill. We just use our cell phones for long's free.

I got rid of the newspaper except on weeknds, I just go to their website instead.

I buy meat from a slaughter house in a big bundle and freeze. Then I buy alot of our groceries at Aldi's & Bj's. I always try to buy gift cards at Giant eagle first to get the points for gas.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

thanks girls. I do shop at GE and I do buy the GC for stuff, so we are saving on the gas money. That is definitely a help. I just bought a GE food card to put all our groceries on, thinking that keeping it on a dedicated card will help keep the food budget under better control. So we'll see. Now I have to make the list and stick to it!!!

We are hoping this fall to get half a cow, gotta save up that much first.