Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Baby Boy Can Write His Name!

I am just so extremely excited for my littlest man, my baby #5, he wrote his name this morning. All by himself!!! He has known how to spell his name for a long time. Writing has not been something he has shown a strong interest in. But for some reason, this morning, it clicked!! We were sitting in the van, waiting to go in to school. He has his little magna doodle thing and he wanted to know how to spell bat. I told him. He WROTE IT!! I carry my camera with me everywhere, so I snapped it before he erased it forever! I then asked him to spell his name, since he spelled bat, he should be able to spell his name. HE DID IT!!

He is my little fighter. He's the reason the triplets were born when they were. He was my littlest, always has been the littlest. He has always been the last to do pretty much everything. He is our second to accomplish this great feat. So this is a very big deal for us with him.

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Five Left Feet said...

Woo-hooo! Way to go, Dylan! We're proud of ya!