Friday, January 16, 2009

Kung Fu Fighters

Everybody was Kung Fu Fiiighting! Those cats were fast as lightening... Here is my son's latest and greatest of tricks. We watched Kung Fu Panda the other night and right after he started with his skills. It was the most hilarious thing and yet kinda cool to watch his technique without any formal training. I tried to get him to do it on video, so this is the best I could get, so far. I see karate in our near future. I gotta get this kid into something like that or he's gonna drive me nuts with his mad wrestling skills with his brother!


loren said...

Okay, I was PUMPED to see some Kung Fu action, especially since my kids are perhaps the least coordinated 4-year-olds on the planet!

To post a video: When you are posting, look next to the picture button that you hit when you add pics. There should be one that looks like a short length of film. Click on it. Browse to find the file you want uploaded, follow the directions, and voila!

Triplethefunplus2 said...

I tried that. It took all night and still didn't load. I even made the thing smaller to fit the mb max. Still nothing. Grrrrr