Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Happenings Around The House

I'm in kind of a writing funk here. Can't think of much to say.

We've been really busy with school, holidays and life. All of the children are doing great!

Tyler is busy with 2 jobs, keeping up with school and talking to colleges. It's exciting and also overwhelming at the same time. So much to know and yet feeling like we don't know enough, at the same time. We are really hoping to have his school decisions made by February? I think. Hopefully we'll have a nice package for him and he can get the best education possible, while playing the sport he loves, baseball. He is planning on going into nursing. We are very proud of him and the young man he's becoming.

Stephanie is changing quite a bit the last few weeks. 16 seems to be the magic age of change. She is still in counseling and that really seems to be helping her a lot! She is working hard at school. She has a nice boyfriend. She is more helpful around the house and interacting with everyone more. She is smiling a lot more and it's great to see her beautiful smile again! She is planning to go to the local vocational school next year and is thinking of going into culinary. What a fun job to have! She is thinking of getting a job, so hopefully she'll be able to get one soon.

Ayden is getting over an ear infection. He's doing great in school. Loving his little life and is still my little cuddlebug. He is definitely a mama's boy of the 3. It's so sweet. He will just randomly come up and hug me or plant a big kiss on my cheek. I know this won't last forever, so I cherish it for as long as it lasts.

Ryley is READING!! She is such a sponge and just loves to color, write her letters and look at books on her own. I got the BOB books from the library and she just ate it up! It's like potty training a kid that is totally ready! I hope that learning always comes as easily to her and she's always eager to learn!

Dylan is well - ORNERY!! lol That best sums up this boy right now. He has that gleam in his eye and you better watch out. He is also like a little bear cub, he's ready to pounce without warning, so you always have to be on guard when he's around. He will just go and jump on Ayden and they will start wrestling, it's cute! He loves to play ball and he is the one kid that I need to have in an activity to get rid of his energy. He will keep us on our toes.

Jon's considering a promotional position, so fingers crossed that he gets it! He deserves it. It would mean less travel, which would be great for us. But he would probably have to leave earlier in the mornings. I can't wait until we can move closer to his work, so the commute isn't so long for him. Couple more years...

So that's us in a nutshell. lol Whether you wanted to know or not! lol


loren said...

Something is wrong with your family. You make the most beautiful kids! Seriously, I can't get over it. It's a genetic fluke... it has to be!

Triplethefunplus2 said...

Um, Thank you? I think! lol I'm sure this is a compliment or am I an ogre?? lol

Five Left Feet said...

Just catching up on my blogosphere and wanted to tell you glad you had a great holiday! Love hearing about all your kids and how well everyone is doing! Oh, and congrats on the clean poo. ;-)

Five Left Feet said...

Oh, and I swear you and Stephanie look like sisters.