Thursday, October 02, 2008

Irked, Bothered, Pissed or Ignore It?

I picked the kids up from school this morning. The boys are in one class and Ryley's in another. I really like Ryley's teacher. She's younger, seems fresher, more something. The boys teacher is older, seems tired, like she's lost her love of the job or something or it's just her personality.

Anyways, our very first meeting wasn't the best first impression for me, as far as her having my id boys in her class. She made the comment on the fact that she'll never know who is who. Nice. That doesn't sit well with me when someone automatically decides they don't want to get to know my boys. Family or otherwise.

School starts and things seem to be going okay. That teacher was gone for about a week for her dd's wedding. So we had subs. Anyways, she comes back this week. Beginning of the week, Dylan tells me that this teacher still doesn't know their names. Meaning she calls them the wrong name, apparently. This was out of the blue, when asking how their day was, so I didn't ask for this info or even think about it by now. It's been about a month. She sees them every morning for 3 hours a day. Another indication that she's not taking the time to know my boys in her class.

Today, as she is opening the door to let them out, instead of saying anything pleasant she says to me, in that tone, talking to the child - but saying it to me, but so the child can hear type of thing - that it would be great if I could talk to the boys about looking at her when she calls their names. Nice, I'm no expert, but I know enough about child development, etc, to know that you don't do that in front of a child. It's not nice. It doesn't make the child feel good. And I personally don't think it's professional for her to do that. Write me a note. Send me an email. Express your concerns about my children away from my children.

This is a preschool where there are typicals and kids that need extra help. So patience should be a virtue for this type of preschool teacher. So to single my boys out like this, bothers me.

So the boys don't look all that proud when they come to me. I ask them about their day, etc. Keeping it light. Ask them if they had some trouble listening to Miss. Donna today. Ayden was near tears and voice crackling. Dylan did get misty telling me that she wasn't nice to him today. I asked him what happened, but he didn't have an answer for that. So whether she was nice to him or not, I don't know. I talked to them about keeping their listening ears on and that they need to look at the teacher when she calls their name.

I've stewed about this since I picked them up an hour ago.

Let this go and keep an eye on the situation? Send her a note to say I would love to further communicate about the boys through email or phone calls?

Next year they will be in the afternoon class and I think I will request that they stay together and hopefully will get Ryley's teacher.

I feel bad for the boys. They are so sweet and loving and friendly. I hate when I feel like someone isn't being as nice to them as they could be. Especially their first preschool teacher. I think it could be a personality conflict and that she's probably about ready to be done being a preschool teacher.


Anonymous said...

She sounds peachy. Seriously if she is having a hard time distinguishing them has she heard of name tags? Since they are only THREE this is a learning time.. to learn to look and listen.. I hav ea hrd time believing that THEY are the hardest in the class KWIM?

Triplethefunplus2 said...

Exactly my thoughts. They will have nametags again, starting tomorrow. Maybe that will help her get a clue.

Krista said...

She wants them to look so she can call 1 name and whoever it is will look at her - that way she doesn't have to learn who they are. Really nice! Poor guys.