Monday, September 29, 2008


Think if we play those numbers and won, we'd get paid???

This is scary and unsettling.

Then I'm reading about people that are purposely planning to let their homes go to forclosure so they can get out of the rathole they created, and move to a bigger/better house. Let the bank have the shithole I created. Doesn't matter to me. I can walk away. Everyone else that pays their bills can take care of this for me.

Nice mentality. Nice. Real nice. The Gotta Have Bigger and Better's are messing things up for everyone. Fabulous.


loren said...

Makes me wanna take a 2x4 and smack her upside the air-filled bubble she calls a head.

The Lucey's Triplets said...

I couldn't believe that post either, that lady is crazy!

I have a blogger question, why does it let you double click on some pics to make them big, but not others? I am uploading them all the same way and can't figure out why it happens!

Peapodsquadmom said...

OMG, that woman makes me nuts. I generally avoid all posts by her. My blood pressure doesn't need her crapola. Her inability to distinguish between wants and needs is a fine example of why we're in this economic mess. What an idiot.

Five Left Feet said...

Didn't read the post you're referring to so this may be waaaaay off, but I know someone who tried to go into business and it failed. As a result they declared bankruptcy. However, before it was settled in court, they decided to let the bank repo their BMW & house while they bought a new SUV and went on, let me count, 5 vacations. They are now living in a large newer home in Green and I'll never understand why they chose that route. Makes me want to find a nice brick wall to bang my head against.