Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ryley Update - Day 2

She is handling her discomfort pretty well today. She slept most of the night last night, which was great. She seemed to wake about every 5 hours from the pain, given the meds and back to sleep she went. She didn't sleep much today. She tried to play, but didn't last longer than a couple of minutes at a time. Ryley hasn't been talking much at all. She has resorted to pointing and poking to get her point across. She is taking her meds a bit easier and drinking a bit easier. But food is still a no go. She tried her yogurt milk, applesauce and mandarin oranges. But only a bite or so of each was all she could manage. The poor girl is hungry, I can tell. But just can't eat yet. She's drinking small sips and even initiating her own sips, so that's progress. So that's about it. The boys are looking out for her. So that's sweet.

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