Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So much to say...

Ryley's hanging in there, the little trooper. She has been so quiet that it kinda freaks us out. She does speak, but not like we're used to. Not a lot of food intake. Yesterday was a rough day for her, through the night and the day. She has another rough night last night, so hopefully her day goes pretty well. We're home all day today, so hopefully that will help her to rest.


In other news, we took the kids to meet their preschool teachers yesterday. They were soooo excited to take their supplies in and see their classrooms. It's amazing to me how fast the time has gone and that we're at the point of school. Once they start, there's no turning back until after college. Which Ayden thinks he's going to. He's planning to just skip ahead and go to college! Anyways, the boys are going to be in Miss. Donna's class and Ryley is going to be in Mrs. Elliot's class. We thought it would be good for Dylan and Ayden to stay together this year and for Ryley to be on her own. It sounds so sad to say it like that, like she's being abandoned by her brothers or something. But she'll be right next door. It's 3 hours every morning of the week. It will be good for them to get out of the house and meet new kids. This is an integrated preschool, meaning there is an even mix of special needs/delayed children and on task children, kind of as peers and I think great exposure for my kids to learn that everyone is different and not the same as them. So far there will be 14 kids in the boys class and 12 in Ryley's.

The triplets first day of school is Tuesday, August 26, 8:30-11 a.m. every day of the week. You will be able to tell the mom's that have older kids and have been through the first day before. They will be the ones trying to run for the doors! I just hope that the kids do well and don't need me to hoover all morning. I'm sure they will be. The boys are pretty social butterflies and if you talk to them - they won't let you go! I'm trying to work on that without crushing their personalities - that not everyone wants to hear an hour long story of their life, when all they said was hello! lol. I hope they are always this social. Ryley may have a harder time, more because by then she'll be exactly 2 weeks out from her T&A and not at 100%. She's down 3lb. She doesn't have energy to do much. So hopefully between now and then she'll start eating more and feeling better...


Wow lots to say, guess I need to do this daily and not save it up. I'll get the hang of this blogging thing soon!

Tyler went to the allergist yesterday. He's been having a terrible time with his allergies. He doesn't sleep well. He's always tired. He's actually been like this for years. I've had him tested for mono, anemia, been to the ENT thinking it was his adenoids/tonsils that were making it difficult for him. But all has been fine in those departments. ENT suggested an allergist, which was our next step if all was fine in the ENT department.

So we get in to the allergist and he gets the skin scratch testing for 22 different things. The first row: dust mites, dust, cat, dog, a negative scratch. The second row: Maple, Ash, 3 other trees. The third row: Oak tree, 4 different grasses. The fourth row: 5 different molds. Then an histamine scratch.

This was all done on both forearms and he couldn't touch them/itch for 10 minutes. Needless to say, he was going crazy. The dust mite and maple tree inflammed almost immediately and they just got huge! They start out looking like mosquito bites and got bigger and bigger. It was driving Tyler crazy! The histamine scratch was big also. The grasses got pretty big, but nothing like the maple tree and dust mites.

Tyler was happy that the dog scratch was negative. The allergist wanted to do a little stronger scratch test for dog and molds. Especially since Tyler wants to have 3 dogs when he's out on his own. Those were done on his upper arm. Those got big after a couple minutes and so he has an allergy to molds and to dogs. But they didn't itch him/bother him as much as the others. So he's happy that he can still have a dog, he's just not sure how 3 dogs would affect him.

Tyler's just an allergic guy. The poor thing. We knew he had allergies and over the years he's been taking OTC allergy meds. So now he's on a prescription medication and a nasal spray. He'll do that for about a month and then he'll move on to weekly shots for about a year. That will help him build an immunity to the allergens and hopefully reduce or eliminate them for him. I bought him a special mattress cover that encloses his mattress completely and a special allergy pillow. Hopefully those will help him sleep better.

Well, I think that covers things for the last few days. Stephanie is still staying at her dad's house, she'll be home on Wednesday or Thursday. School for her and Tyler starts Friday. Summer is officially over. I can honestly say that I'm glad about this, it's been a crazy summer and one I'm glad to see end! Bring on the fall!

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