Friday, August 08, 2008

God love the little boys

God love them. But seriously, why can't they come equipped with the ability to pee into a big hole without missing??? I just get done cleaning the toilet and Dylan comes along to pee, misses most of the big blue hole. I have to clean the toilet AGAIN, before it was even dry from the first time! Then along comes Ayden as happy as can be. He's gotta pee too. He makes it for the most part, but doesn't like to lift the seat. Nice. So I have now cleaned my toilet 3 times in 5 minutes. You could eat off that toilet.

But I love those little boys so much that I'll clean the toilet 50 times in 5 minutes if I had to. No scratch that, I will be handing them a chlorox wipe and they can wipe the toilet themselves! Now that's an idea. Maybe if they do it a few times, they will be more apt to make it in the big blue hole and not miss...

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