Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Today should be the day...

That we find out if we will be staying in Ohio or moving to Tennessee. I cannot leave my laptop for longer then a few minutes at a time. I'm constantly refreshing the sites that would give me the news first. Constantly checking my email to see if Jon has sent any work email. I know realistically that he will call me. I know this. I cannot help it. It's like an addiction, an obsession or something. Gawd! I wish the hell they would announce their decision already! It's literally driving me insane! It's been 7 months since we found out about this plan!

Today is a 20th anniversary celebration at Bridgestone in Akron. Jon is taking the kids to it. They are very strongly rumored to be making the announcement today. The press, the governor, the mayor, all the big wigs in town for the golf tournament...all signs point to today. This thing starts at 3 p.m. I can't go since I have the babysitting kids here. So I'm here wondering and waiting...

Someone slap me back to reality and tell me to walk away from my computer. I have so much to do, but no desire to do any of it. I've had a cup of coffee and I freakin fell off the no soda wagon and sucked down 2 mountain dews to get some energy...I haven't had soda since the new year, except a sip or so of diet soda!!!

Thank God the kids are playing so nicely together today and don't need me for much other than food...lol

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