Monday, March 16, 2009

They Are Split

It's just me and the three waiting in the Starbucks drive-thru. The kids and I are talking, not sure exactly of what. But the subject turns to friends of ours that have id twins girls and a boy who was in the boys' class at school. Anyways, we're talking about them for some reason and the conversation ends, as far as I know. I'm just waiting my turn and I hear Dylan talking to Ayden about the twin girls. Out of no where - Dylan says to Ayden that "A and E are split." I'm like what? I spun around and asked Dylan what he said, if A or E had told them that, how he knew that, etc. I think I freaked him out. lol He just looked like he had said something wrong and wouldn't talk about it any longer. lol Poor kid! I was floored.

I know they have this fascination with which baby number they are (where they fall in the birth order) and how they were in my tummy and where they lived in there, etc. I have probably made mention that the boys are "the same" and from the same egg and it split. So that's got to be the only place it came from and he remembered that!! It wasn't a long drawn out discussion on reproduction and the wonders of nature or anything. It was awhile ago also. It was part of a conversation we had about how most things start as eggs and they thought that was funny and even funnier that they started as an egg.

But I thought it was amazing that he associated A&E with splitting. They are identical. So I guess he just knows that every twin set that is identical is split. So watch out all you identicals out there, if my son meets you, he may inform you that you split. lol


Nicole O'Dell said...

WOW I'm really impressed!

Kids pick up so much. It's scary sometimes!

Ava and the Trips said...

They do really pay attention...more than we think! Meant to ask you yesterday, what time is the sale Friday?

Mommy23miracles said...

That's adorable! Our boys are confused that they're twins and they look alike...they say "mommy and dad and pap twins.... "...someday they'll get it LOL.

Justi said...

You have a beautiful family!