Friday, January 09, 2009

The End Is Near...

Or so people are acting around here. I went to the store last night, after the kids basketball, and I forgot there was a storm coming. The store was crazy! Only 2 registers open in our little grocery store and it took 20 minutes of standing in line to check out!

People always act like the world is ending when we have the threat of a big storm. For some reason though, I think our part of the world is in a bubble. I watch the news and see all the bad storms heading our way, etc. But then they fizzle out. Jon is usually glued to the weather updates and always wants us to head to the basement for cover. It's funny. One time we had a bad storm, my friend, Krista, came to pick up her kiddos and we're sitting in the playroom chatting and letting the kids play while things go flying by the window. Jon is like we need to be in the basement NOW. We're like, umm sure, we'll get there. It was funny. The storm passed and that was it. Now it's a Guess you had to be there.

So I'm sitting here watching the snow fall. I hope we finally get enough to let the kids actually play in it. They haven't yet this season. It melts too fast. Crazy Ohio weather! Tomorrow we're supposed to get a buttload of snow, so at least we can be cozy and warm with a fire and watch the snow fall all day. Oh wait - Nope I have to be out in it in the morning, unless they cancel the kids swimming lessons. Plus we're having breakfast at The Eagles for my MIL's b-day. So we'll see if that gets rescheduled or not.

Safe travels for all who have to be out at the end of the world!


Krista said...

Oh I still giggle at the memories!

Five Left Feet said...

Isn't it amazing how Ohioans FREAK THE 'F' OUT when it snows? Like it doesn't happen EVERY YEAR?!?

I lived in Richmond, VA for a few years where they get some phenomenal ice storms. Seems it's too warm to really snow but does get cold enough to freeze the rain. Anyway, if the forbidden word "snow" was even whispered on the news, local grocery stores immediately ran out of milk, bread, eggs, and beer. The only thing that made sense to me is the locals loved to get drunk and make French toast.

Triplethefunplus2 said...

get drunk and make french toast! hahahahahahahahahaahah