Sunday, November 09, 2008

Weekend in Review

You have got to see Madagascar 2. Freaking hilarious!!! We took the kids to the cheap theater and they loved it. Tyler went with us. Steph wasn't interested. It was a great family day. But that movie was so funny. We went to lunch afterwards. So it was a nice day, besides my van battery being dead AGAIN! So had to get jumped in the parking lot. Jon went straight to the auto parts store and bought a new one. Hopefully that's all there is to that.

Yesterday, I met one of my online friends and that was great. We met at Grove City outlet mall. Gawd was that place packed. Lines through the entire stores to check out. Nothing was that cheap to get me to wait in lines like that. I hate shopping with crowds. That's why I've never done the day after Thanksgiving sales. No way, no how. I'm an online shopper. But this year, I may take a stab at this little tradition and probably hate it! But we'll see.

Anyways, we met for lunch and then walked around the stores. It was so nice to meet her in real life. She has 2 year old identical triplet girls. We're looking forward to getting the kids together. Finding some place half way or trading visits. It's only about an hour from here to there, so not too bad. I have actually met quite a few of my online triplet friends. And hope to meet more.

Tomorrow Jon, Tyler and I have a second meeting with a college that has expressed a big interest in him. So that's exciting. He's been getting quite a few calls from some of the local colleges. It's all so confusing and overwelming to say the least. Hopefully soon we'll have a decision made and we'll know where he's going to college. I just want it to be done.

Kids are doing much better since starting the meds. I hate medicating them. But sometimes there is no choice. Let's just keep fingers crossed that we can at least get through Christmas before we get hit with something else.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!


~ MJ ~ said...

I'd love to see that movie, it looks hilarious!
I can't wait til the boys are old enough and I can use them as a excuse to go do those kinds of things. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear the movie is worth it. I've been debating about it cause the sequels usually bomb. Now I'm excited to take the kidlets. :-)ousuppe

Anonymous said...

Uhhhh... Yeah. Apparently I typed the word verification in my last post...

Triplethefunplus2 said...

Lori - And here I thought you were getting all fancy with a different language - ousuppe!! hahahahahaha