Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Poop Update

In case anyone was wondering, Dylan's poop is clean. As clean as poop can be. My gut was in knots this morning. I called for the results and the nurse said hold on the pediatrician wants to speak to you. For the ped to actually speak to you, well that's gotta mean something, right? I was stressing for those minutes waiting for him to get on the phone. But he said the specimen was clean. And since it's clean, there isn't anything to treat and doesn't warrant further investigation right now. We need to give it more time. So if he's still like this after the holidays, we will be revisiting this situation again. He said sometimes kids digest too quickly and that makes it runny. I'm not so sure since this is a relatively new thing and not something he has had in the past. But we'll see.

On that note...I AM SO SICK OF CLEANING UP SHIT!!!!!! OMG! He didn't make it to the toilet again and instead of letting me know (during naptime), he tracked it all through his room, down the hall and to the bathroom, where he apparently turned right around and went back to his room and stood behind his door. Pants full of poop for I don't know how long. Steph went upstairs and came back down to announce that it smelled like dog poop up there. Nice. Then since Ryley naps in my room, I had to go that way to get Dylan cleaned up. She decides she's set free from her non-nap and runs down the freaking hallway, through the freaking poop!!!!!!! UGH!!! It was a mess. I about cried.

Today was just one of those trying days. I went to run some errands this morning while they were in school. Picked them up and thought it would be fun to take them to Toys R Us to spend some b-day money and fill her Build-A-Bear that I had bought, but needed stuffed. Getting through BAB went fine. Standing in line at the Chick-Fil-A was stressful for me. There were no organized lines for the 3-4 registers, people cutting and just going where ever. Trying to keep all 3 right by me while they're looking at everyone, Ryley trying to get her new bear out of the bag and trying to get our food before Christmas. UGH! Got it and Chloroxed the table down before letting them sit, meanwhile they're licking the chairs and touching anything else they come in contact with, all the while I'm barking, don't put your mouth on that, don't touch that and sweating like a pig while trying to make a clean environment for them to eat their deep fried heart attacks. They start eating and some worker comes along wanting to talk to them and gasp - wanting to high five them. Did he not just see me wipe down their hands with the purell wipes?? God knows where those hands have been. Please just move along and leave the 3 preschoolers to eat...Sigh...

Finish and go to TRU to find our new toys. Go to the potty first. Hands on your head please. Don't pee all over the place please. Wash your hands with soap please. Then I gotta pee and since the itty bitty child toilet is the cleanest since I've been there to clean it, I squat my big butt on that and thinking afterwards, this wasn't the best idea and I may not be able to get back up without some contortionist moves. But I do and off we go to scope out the newest Thomas trains and Princesses. It's not crowded, so it's great. We get to the Barbie section and meet a nice little family that recognizes them as triplets and tell me about a friend that has new triplets. I need to shout out on TC to see if they're over there yet. But anyways, spend quite a long time chatting with these ladies and it went well. Too well. We go check out and we get Slow Sally as our cashier. Really? Do you not see these THREE children reaching their limit on patience? We have the $3 off B-day coupons to use. She can't get them to work. She has done a lot of button pushing and with the confusion of that moment and trying to keep the kids from touching everything, leaving the store, etc. I just paid and left. I could feel the eyes from the people behind me burning a hole in my head, even though I wasn't the one taking forever to check us out..

Anyways, the math still isn't adding up in my head. I get everyone to the van, buckled and start to head home. Decided I have just one more stop to make and still thinking about TRU. I do the math 3 different times to see how she got her figure. It never added up with having 3 gift cards and 3 $3off coupons. So we go through BJ's and then I break it to the kids that we have to go back to TRU because we got screwed!! Not happy campers. I'm starving and I'm getting a headache. They aren't listening or cooperating any longer. If I wait, they'll tell me to take a hike for my $6. So we go back. The guy doesn't understand what I'm talking about, looking at my receipt and whips out his calculator to figure out the math also. The kids are wandering, I'm sharply telling them to get back over here. I'm leaning on kids against the register wall to keep them near me so I can concentrate on getting my $6back. Announce to the kids that I'm not happy to be back here either. He knew I was at my limit and since I should have known you can't use more than one of those b-day coupons in one transaction (in his head or he would have had it handed to him), he's going to give me my $6 back. I said, no clue on that, the cashier should have known this. But I won't make that mistake again next year!!!!!!

Get home and toss everyone in bed. They have to nap in order for me to keep my sanity and for them to get to open their new toys AND to stay up after swimming to watch the train under the tree.

Then the second paragraph happened. And long story short - Ayden got to open his new toy AND he gets to watch the train under the tree while the other 2 get to try again tomorrow...

Jon knew the day was rough when I called him at work. He came home early and took them to swimming. I'm supposed to be carpet cleaning the upstairs. I figured I'd enjoy my holiday beverage first and take in the silence that is my house right now...


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