Saturday, October 11, 2008

Can You Hear Me Now?

These 3 little people seem to have lost their ability to listen, at least to me. Have they become deaf all of a sudden? Quite possibly. Have I become a nag? Most likely. Do I get tired of hearing my own voice saying the same thing over and freaking over again? Oh hell ya! I really have no idea what's gotten in to them, except they are fast approaching 4.

They all have to talk at the same time. About different things. They have to get louder than the kid next to them. Making my ears bleed. They are happy, well-adjusted children, excited about their world and what they're learning from it. But really, do they have to be so loud?? They want everything they can think of spelled for them. They want to know everything about everything they see. The questions. I know it's normal. I know they are supposed to do this. But x3 and at the same time, it gets to be too much at times. I go in to overload. My brain hurts.

Anyways, the reason for my ramblings. They have not been listening to me. I tell them something, they just continue whatever it is they were doing. I say it again, louder. Get a bit of attention from them, but not what I'm looking for. I am going to count - they know what happens when I get to 3. I rarely have to get past 1 or 2. Lately, they are pushing it to 3 again. I have actually had to follow through. What the? It's limit testing time again. I hate this time.

So I tell them you don't do x and you can't do y or z. They know I'll do it. But for some reason they think I'm bluffing. Don't mess with Mama. Last night, Ayden wouldn't eat his dinner. He's doing everything at the table, but. Daddy's going to get movies at the movie store. The other 2 ate their dinner. Ryley almost didn't make the cut, but she pulled it out in the end. So off they go. Ayden's left at the table in shock that I meant what I said. He's crying, begging to go, trying to eat, but not actually eating, not making any changes. So he sits. They leave. He eventually eats, but even having them gone didn't motivate him enough to get it done, faster!

Today, Ryley wouldn't eat her lunch. She is just messing around. Completely disregarding the consequences of her actions. We were planning to go to the zoo this afternoon. She knew if she didn't eat, if any of them didn't eat their lunch, they would be staying home with Steph and taking a nap while we went to the zoo. It's not the food that I'm pushing on them. It's the listening and following the directions given to them. That I mean business and all this messing around and dragging their feet to do ANYTHING has got to stop!! So it's time to go. Ryley still hasn't changed her attitude and just messing around and acting like I'm not really serious.

I tell Steph Ryley's staying. She can't believe Mom was serious. She's crying. She's upset. She's sent to bed for her nap. I tell her we'll be back later, that the brothers are going to the zoo without her. Maybe she will take me seriously the next time.

My little Princes at the zoo. It's not a great pic, it's from dh's phone.

We get to the zoo with the boys and it's just not normal to be there with just 2 kids. I'm not used to this. The boys are so wound up and excited. Having a great time. Dashing from one thing to the next. No naps. Running on borrowed time. We get through half the zoo and Ayden has hit his wall. He is actually asking to go home. He's done. Dylan isn't far behind him. So off we go. It was a nice day. But it was strangely quiet without Ryley there. Someone asked if the boys were twins. I said no, triplets. They ask where the other one is while looking for her. I tell them she's at home. I don't think they believed me. Not that I cared.

We get home and as soon as I get in the door, Ryley comes running to me and says she's sorry and she will listen next time. Not sure if this was all her or if Steph put her up to it. But either way, I really hope that she learned from this. You make one choice and you have to live with what comes with that choice...We'll see...

Chore chart is our next project and hopefully will be something to get it in gear and stop expecting mom or dad to do everything for them. They love to help and I need to harness this enthusiasm before I lose this window of opportunity.


Ava and the Trips said...

What a rough phase! (and I thought babies were hard!) You are one strong momma to continue through on your punishments and I bet they will start doing better soon! Hang in there!

Momma-of-5 said...

Okay, I'm scared now. Can I just stay here in this phase and not let my gang get any older?

Five Left Feet said...

Sounds EXACTLY like what's going on in this house (minus one three-year-old, of course). Gotta love that selective hearing thing. And what is *with* the talking over each other? All. The. Time. I hear ya loud and clear.

Well, sort of. My kids are talking right now.