Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What a week - so far.

Wow, can my week get any better? Um let's see. Driving the kids to school this morning, hear a POP in my tire. Pull over and hear the whooshing of the air before I even get to it. Fabulous. I look at it and it's still looking good, but I can feel the hole and the air. So I freak out. Try to get us back across the highway that I just crossed, so that at least I don't have to walk 3 preschoolers across the highway and get us killed. So I think I might get us home, since we're right around the corner. No, we're wobbling now. So I pull over and call Jon. Tell him my tire exploded, exaggerate much? Unload everyone, pour out my awesome cup of coffee so it doesn't spill in the van when someone else drives it...sniff...Everyone holds hands and we're walking in the road/grass. Dodging the cars that are passing us, slowly, at least. Probably just checking out why this woman has 3 children the same age walking on the side of the road, nevermind that she might need some assistance...Anyways, we get a few feet further and some man stops and asks us if we need help. Yes, I know what you're thinking. I thought everything imaginable in that split second too. He was a business man, his car was clean and I had 3 small children with me walking on a road where people drive too fast...So I accepted his ride, tossed the kids in the backseat, which they thought was the coolest thing to ride in a car without carseats...It was just around the corner, so we were with him for a couple minutes, thank goodness. But he was nice. I appreciated the gesture and the ride. So now we're home. Waiting and wondering what will become of my tire...hopefully it can just be plugged. But seriously. What else can this week bring me? I've got what - 3 more days in this week. I'm just glad that I didn't have the other kids with me, trying to figure that out with 4-5 kids would have been a nightmare, plus we weren't driving on the highway, so we weren't going fast and we didn't crash. So we were lucky. But not lucky...

I'm also just glad this didn't happen on Monday, that day couldn't afford one more thing to happen. I started my period a week early. We had no power. We were late for school. Stop by the Y thinking I can work out and get a hot shower there. Um, no, they have no hot water, so I get sweaty on top of not showering since Saturday night. Lovely. I go to Starbucks for coffee since they have power and everyone and their brother was there too. But at least I got some coffee. I was late picking the kids up from school. I blew out my flip-flop getting them back in the van. Had to pick up Tyler from school for an appointment. Rush back by the house to get shoes. Drop off the littles at my friend's house. Get to the appointment on time. Develop a migraine while driving back, had to pull over so Tyler could drive. Get back to the kids. Shower at friend's house. Drop son off at work. Get to gymnastics - which we were late for since kids had to pee and I had to pull over to get them to pee in the van. Get to the multiples meeting - which I was late for. Leave there and start bleeding through like a slaughtered pig - TMI - I know, but what can I say - Not prepared - Get home and call it a day. C-R-A-Z-Y!

So ya, having a tire blow out happened on a much better day today...sigh...Oh and another thing, the kids woke up with colds AGAIN!


loren said...

Um, your week SUCKS! I thought my day was bad because I woke up with a head cold, but you win. I will now carry on with the rest of my day knowing that it could be much, much worse.

PS - LOVE the Starbucks post!

Amy said...

BTDT! But in a BAD part of town! Your week totally sucks so far compared to mine. Hopefully the rest of the week is better!