Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We Survived!

We made it back from the trip without much of a problem. At least from the weather. Can you believe that we got hit with IKE?? Yes, here in Ohio we got 60+ mph winds mid Sunday! Power outages everywhere, trees down on houses and roads. It's crazy! We won't have power until Thursday or Friday!! We got a generator off my FIL to use and so we're able to hook up the fridges and I'm able to get the washing done, just have to take it all to the laundromat to dry. So at least there is some normalcy, until night, then ya. Bedtime at sunset.

Anyways, back to the weekend. The drive down wasn't too bad. The kids slept all night. The squirts stopped for Dylan before we left, so at least that was short-lived. Did I mention they slept all night in their seats?? Ya, it was fabulous! Steph and I were in the back with one carseat between us. The space was as big as a postage stamp. It was cozy. I slept like crap. But hey, at least the little ones slept!!!

It was hotter than sin down there with 150% humidity! But no rain. Tyler pitched 6 innings and did great! They ended up winning. We canceled our hotel there in SC and headed up to VA and stayed there the night. Much better. But by the time we got there I was ready to jump out the window! So it was good that we stopped!

While driving, Ayden decides that he's going to have the runs. So a few stops later, we're finally able to just drive! I have seen more bathrooms then I care to. I can honestly say that one in a questionable part of town, had me worried. It was locked. I go in with Ayden and it was SPARKLY CLEAN AND PERFECT!! Ayden could have licked the floor and I would have been okay with it!! It was like I had died and gone to public potty heaven!! Glorious I tell you! I wanted to hug the owner! So now that Ayden has agreed to a pull up - which I have to say both boys were in overnight - getting a kid to actually pee in a pull up when you want him too, is next to impossible!! Geez, you don't want them to pee in them and they go constantly in them. Now you need them to pee in it to save some time, they just don't do it! So I'm begging with a 3 yo to pee in his pull up and telling him it's okay this time, blah, blah. He's resisting with all his might. Then he finally can't hold it any longer and you see the relief on his face as he's relieving himself...Crazy kids! So the pull-ups were nice for sleeping, but not so much for skipping potty stops. So we finally get to the hotel and the kids were just ape shit nuts after escaping the van! We got them in the hotel room and OMG were they wild! Loud and just everywhere!

We looked for some place to eat and stopped at this seafood place that looked like food poisoning waiting to happen. The kids were crazy! I can honestly say that they have never behaved this way in a restaurant ever!! I got the salmon and a baked potato. It was okay. I fully expected to be in the ER by midnight. Everyone else got deep fried heart attacks. I fully expected everyone to be in the ER by midnight. I don't think there really was a bit of seafood inside all that yuck! Steph said after she ate that she felt like she was having a heart attack. I said it's just indigestion from the crap you just ate. Then by the time we left, her heart attack turned in to breast cancer. The little ones didn't really eat much, they were too wild, but they ate some. Fun family times!

We get back to the hotel and took them to the pool and well, Dylan decided that he needed to poop - NOW! Daddy tells him he can wait a minute. Um, no you can't tell a 3 1/2 year old that he can wait a minute to poop when they are still mastering that muscle skill...So I get out of the pool to get him to the potty - too late. He pooped. Sit him on the side of the pool, go get him a towel, stand him up and lovely brown water is running down his legs and all over the concrete. Lovely. Get him wrapped up in his towel and mine and get him up to the room. Steph is already in the bathroom and well, just not getting out that fast. I'm holding this kid in a weird way to keep the poop and poop water in. Fun times.

Everyone gets to sleep without much of a problem after all the showers and clean up. Felt good to sleep laying flat instead of in a contortionist position!

Get up and leave and head home. Drive isn't too bad. It's windy, but it's to our advantage. We hit the Starbucks, because my husband rocks and asked where the nearest one was at check out. Heaven on earth, I tell ya. Get our goodies and hit the highway. Watching Cat in the Hat for the millionth time. Then Shrek for the millionth time. We stop for lunch at Ponderosa. We are eating in high style on this road trip, seriously! Get out food, not much to pick from at their food bar. Well thank God that we were placed in a back enclosed room and basically alone. They must have heard from the seafood place. Dylan proceeds to choke on something, lately his gag reflex has been extra sensitive and he tends to stuff his mouth like he's never going to get another meal. So he goes and throws up all over himself, down the chair and on the carpet. Lovely. Can I just crawl in a hole now? Get him cleaned up. Ayden starts gagging because he likes to look and then gross himself out. He never learns to just look away. I'm telling him to ignore this, look away, don't you dare throw up too. Scrambling to get napkins to clean Dylan up. Pouring water on the carpet to try to clean this up. It's just crazy. Get him changed and cleaned up, take him to the toilet for the 50th time. I swear between the 2 boys, dressed alike - yes, I know Amy, I'm a freak! I swear the people sitting by the door must have thought my ONE boy had a serious bladder problem!! Get through the rest of the meal, Dylan's ready for dessert. Who could blame him, he just made room. Leave and head home. Home can't get here soon enough.

After a couple more potty stops, we're a few miles from home. We're in the home stretch. I can see the finish line. I hear gagging behind me. Ryley throws up on her blankie. Lovely. At least it was just on the blankie and she missed everything else. But she starts freaking out because she wants her blankie. I promised her it would be washed and dried before she went to bed. I would do it first thing when I walked in the door. That we were almost home. She was just freaking out!! Gawd. Shoot me now. I'm done.

Get home, the winds are picking up. Send the kids to play in the backyard in the wind to wear themselves out and get rid of this pent up energy. Start the laundry of every bodily fluid you can imagine in one load and Steph and I had to Kohls. Gotta get away for a break. All hell breaks loose and here we are. No power.

Can you believe that I didn't take but a few pictures and those are of the kids IN THE VAN on the way home?!?!?! I know. I can't believe it either. But have I got a picture to show you! As soon as we get them downloaded. I may have it blown up and framed for Mother's Day.

Sorry for novel. If you've read this far, WOW, you must really have nothing better to do! :) Have a great day and thanks again for stopping by!

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Amy said...

I got a shout out on Michele's blog!!!! LOL! You know you cause yourself more stress with the dressing alike thing? But your my freak and I love ya! What the hell is up with all the puking and pooping?? Your family has issues man! :-p