Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our Zoo Meets The Zoo

We took the little ones to the Akron Zoo today. This is our first trip this season. This is also our first trip without a wagon. Not sure how they would do. But I'm happy to report that no one needed carried! They walked the whole time. They had a great time! They were fascinated with what they could see up close and personal and experiencing the zoo like big kids! We were so proud. It was a nice day. I didn't take my camera and that's so not like me, if you know me. But being one-handed, I didn't want to chance dropping the camera. It was nice to travel light. We ate lunch there, costly, but nice not to have to lug a bag around all day! Jon took a few pictures with his camera, so if they turn out, I'll post them. We bought our zoo pass, so we'll be hitting more zoos before the weather changes. We did this last year, but this year is like experiencing it for the first time with a lot more freedom! We're going back again on Wednesday with friends from the multiples club. We can't wait!!

Ahhhh, we have left the baby days far, far behind and it's glorious!

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